The mission of OPENEZ is to promote safe and easy-open packaging across all retail lines, in order to prevent injuries in the rapidly growing Senior population, and to promote accessibility for people of all abilities.

The goals of OPENEZ are:

1) To increase the dialogue between seniors and people of all needs and packaging engineers/designers, manufacturers, and retail stores.

2) To increase the awareness of manufacturers through the number of returns of difficult and dangerous packaging to retail stores, pharmacies, and online purchases for refunds.

3) To share data from the National Safe Packaging for Seniors Survey with packaging engineers/designers, manufacturers, and retail stores to support discontinuing unsafe packaging.

4) To create and distribute market communications to promote products which are safe for all users, and and easy to open.

5) To increase the percentage of seniors and different needs groups testing new products, and expand the the age of senior testers from 65-99.

6) To educate seniors, consumers with dexterity issues, and the packaging industry.

“By designing something for a minority the outcome is invariably better for the majority.” Credit Andrew Barraclough, Packaging Digest/ Nov 12, 2020


Nature makes easy-open packages.
Why can’t we?

Modern packaging is designed to resist pilferage and tampering, and those are important goals. But it still shouldn’t take a super-human grip or the frenzied use of sharp tools to get at the product inside the packaging…and the effort shouldn’t end up in a visit to the ER. The simple truth is that too much of today’s packaging is anything but consumer friendly…and for many older and physically challenged consumers, it can actually be dangerous.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way. Innovative, cost-effective design solutions now make it possible for companies to offer many more products in safe, secure, easy-to-open packaging.

At OPENEZ, we can help companies take advantage of those solutions, where and how they’re most appropriate for your business. Nature figured this out a long time ago. Isn’t it time we did the same?

Better Packaging, Safer Consumers

If you’ve ever found yourself struggling furiously with plastic packaging that seems designed specifically to drive you insane…you know the meaning of “wrap rage.” And the fact is, many of the products carried in stores evoke exactly this same response from consumers.

But what if companies could offer those same products to your customers in safe, secure…but easy to open…packages? What if better packaging could reduce wrap rage, and in the process increase competitive advantage?

What if manufacturers could turn store brand packaging into friendly packaging for all?

If manufacturers are interested, we should talk about changes. Many seniors and others would pay MORE for accessible packages across retail lines.

Forces driving the efforts to improve packaging include pressure from customers and retailers and from senior citizens who find it increasingly difficult to open packaging


“We won’t buy it if we can’t easily open it.”

“We won’t buy it if we can’t easily open it.”

The senior population is the fastest-growing demographic in the United States. Also, those with disabilities have difficulty opening packaging.  THEY are your current and future customers.

The headline above is from a letter written by a 61-year-old veteran and published a few years ago in Packaging Digest. The writer, who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis, describes the frustration she and other seniors feel when struggling with hard-to-open packaging.

The author also notes that hard-to-open packaging is a problem for “everyone who needs to get something open,” but it’s clear that such packaging has a particularly negative effect on older customers. And, with those over 55 representing 34% of the US population, a figure that is increasing rapidly, it’s also clear that they are a significant part of all consumers.

At OPENEZ, we believe the strategic implication is clear. If companies want to move toward easy-to-open packaging… and fully realize the benefits of that decision… they should start by consulting with older customers and those with dexterity issues.


What’s on YOUR shelves?

What products are declining in sales? Do you know why?

What are your competitors doing with their packaging?

What products in your line are hard to open?

Do you want to be ahead of the curve with safe, accessible products?

What items produce the most wrap rage from consumers of ALL ages?

What products do you make or sell that are hard to open?

What items could be switched to easy-open packaging?

Are some products are being returned often?

Which products offer the biggest bang for your buck, in terms of packaging costs vs customer satisfaction?

What percentage of the special needs population, including seniors, take part in your focus groups?


At OPENEZ, we can help. We offer various services to manufacturing companies, the packaging industry, and Senior Groups.

These include:

• Providing senior focus groups

• Sharing information from Senior Surveys about your products.

• Testing products

• Promoting easy-open, legible containers and instructions.

• Providing alternate packaging solutions and companies who provide them.

• Speaking to senior and other groups, and packaging companies.

Easy-open packaging: we make it easy and enjoyable.