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Founder Hannah Boulton Appears on “Unpacking Excellence” Podcast Series – May 2021

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Founder Hannah Boulton Appears on – April 2021

You can listen to the podcast here.

Push-Button Jar Lid Redefines “Easy Open” – March 2021

Jar opening is now as easy as pushing a button, which reduces the required torque by 40%—the new Eeasy Lid debuts with Darci’s brand pasta sauce.

Ever have a problem opening a jar because a lid’s on so tight that it requires a tool, rubber glove or another person just to get the darn thing off?

That frustration may be a thing of the past: Consumer Convenience Technologies unveiled today the launch of its new Eeasy Lid, which makes opening a vacuum-sealed jar up to 40% easier with just the push of a button. CCT claims that the breakthrough is the first significant innovation in the metal jar lid industry in 75 years.

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Pharmaceutical Packaging Scores Badly for Senior Usefulness – February 2021

Do you agree with the grades packaging gets for not meeting the needs of senior citizens? An OpenEZ collaboration with Packaging Digest.

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The Perilous Pitfalls of Poor Packaging – January 2021

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Senior, former nurse, and packaging critic Hannah Boulton is mad as hell and not going to put up with badly designed packages anymore. Here’s what she’s doing about it.

This is how it all began. I was trying to open Flonase, a steroidal nasal spray used for allergies. It is cheaper at Costco and CVS in packages of two or three.

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“A GOOD AGE: Duxbury, MA woman takes on the ‘perilous pitfalls of packaging’ ” – December 2020

As seen recently in the Patriot Ledger:

“Hannah Boulton founded a business and a public health campaign to make packages easier for seniors to open after seeing many examples of bad, even unsafe packaging in her work.

The turning point came two years ago when Hannah Boulton was trying to open a package using a knife to break through the hard plastic wrap and cut herself “really badly. That was it,” she said. “I thought why should we put up with this and I decided to investigate packaging and seniors.”

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